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Chords Analysis Good Day by DNCE

Good Day by DNCE

This song is written by Joe Jonas, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larsson and Robin Fredrikkson and produced by Mattman & Robin via Republic Records.

"Good Day" is in C Minor key for keyboard player you must transpose up 1 and 1/2 tones to play this song with easy way. It uses just 4 chords with 1 6 2 5 and 1 6 5 progressions. Use Down Down Up Down Down Up strumming pattern per 2 chords and you need to change chord on the 3rd beat.

See example of chords lyrics here:

C Am 
 Woke up, just woke up
Dm G
 My girlfriend warned me that I drink too much
C Am 
 Advil, the good pill
Dm G
 Head pounds like the bass on a party bus
C Am 
 Memories, no memories
Dm G C
 The Instagram's tellin' me everything
 Am Dm G
And I regret nothing, oh
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